MAY 24 - JUNE 1






I grew up on the east side of San Antonio and I am proud to live, work, and dream in District 2. I was raised by a strong, God-fearing mother, and with her help, I was fortunate as a single mother to raise four children in the district I call my home. District 2 has seen City Council Members come and go with unfulfilled promises. I ran for city council during a time when District 2 was in need of a representative who would step up, speak up and advocate for all of District 2. I have been that person for the last two years as District 2 current Councilmember. I won the general runoff election in 2019 and I have been greatly honored and proud to serve my District 2 residents and neighbors. There’s no selling out and no giving up; I am focused on uplifting, revitalizing, and restoring pride in District 2. 

I am proud of the numerous accomplishments and achievements I have committed to in District 2 through working with my community. I am up for re-election and my second term priorities set on public safety, COVID vaccinations, affordable housing, economic development, and infrastructure. I believe that with your support, together, we will continue to serve District 2 with excellence.

Jada Andrews-Sullivan 


Progress takes time, and we are running out. Since 2014,  just five years ago, we have had four council members. This election, we will elect our sixth. We cannot keep losing time, and losing energy electing representatives who do not last. District 2 deserves more...

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I will continue to work for you, it is my responsibility to listen and hear your voice. This includes promptly answering emails and phone calls, hosting town halls where your voice can be amplified, and making city council accessible to all….
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Every two years, candidates ask what we want to secure our votes and the simplest answer is often the most ignored. Many of our sidewalks are nonexistent and our streets still are not lit...

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Safety has proven to be a top priority to my neighbors here in D2. Vehicles and homes are being burglarized, families feel unsafe, and our community's relationship with law enforcement officers has been challenging. We need to work together...

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